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How Do I Pick The Best Bike For Me?

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How Do I Pick The Best Bike For Me?

Where to start

Picking the best bike for yourself (and let's not forget the best look!) can be a bit daunting.

Even avid riders can be challenged by the sheer number of choices available. Specific uses, price points, durability, ease of use are just a some of the considerations.

We have experts very happy to guide toward a specific bike that's right for you. But what if you wanted to do a self guided Q&A of your needs, and see what might be out there?

May we suggest the new Trek Bike Finder.

Extra Guidance from the Trek Bike Finder

Whether you use it alongside our advice or before you come in, Trek's Bike Finder is a great in many ways. It helps you learn the framework -- where to start, what questions to ask yourself about your riding or riding goals, to learn more about what you're seeking and start to understand the types of bikes that may work for you and begin to narrow the choices.

Trek has such a wide variety of bikes, if you include their Electra line of town and cruisers, that they are the perfect starting point to also show what choices may look like. 

Sunshine carries all Trek and Electra bikes too, so when you do find some choices we can guide you to those we stock or quickly access one from Trek.

Check out the Trek Bike Finder and try it out as part of your journey to a new bike along with help from your friends here at Sunshine Bicycle Center!

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