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Tamarancho reopens to LOCAL riders + Local trails update

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Tamarancho reopens to LOCAL riders + Local trails update

Updated 5/7/20

Good news from Michael Dybeck head of Marin Council, Boy Scouts of America. We urge you to stick to his guidelines -- for everyone's safety:

"Update on trail access based on the current directive from Marin County Health and Human Service:

As with other outdoor parks and open spaces, access to Tamarancho trails is limited to local passholders who are able to access the area and trailheads either by foot or by bike. Physical distancing is required. To aid in physically distancing, travel should be in a clockwise direction.  

We understand this requirement limits trail use to Marin residents who reside in the general area of Tamarancho.  We trust that other FOT members and passholders who reside outside of Marin will understand these restrictions are in place for the protection of Bay Area wide public health.

This order is in effect until 5/31/2020 or until modified or continued. 

We will change our signage at the base of Iron Springs Road and at the Kiosk.  We have been fielding phone calls at the office and advising people that if they are from outside of the area, that they need to wait until the order is lifted."

Also note Sunshine Bicycle Center is still NOT currently selling Day Passes to Tamarancho. However you can purchase a Day Pass online at the Boy Scouts Tamarancho Pass Store. Link to buy "One Day Pass" is halfway down the page in the center.

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