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Dumonde Tech Pro X Regular Chain Lube 2 oz


SBC ID | MFG SKU - 210000057397 |
PRO X Regular is the heavier version to Dumonde Tech PRO X Lite chain lubricant. Ideal for Mountain Bikes, Cyclocross, and all extreme conditions, while maintaining a clean drive train

  • MRCC technology creates an extremely low friction bond
  • A dry lubricant that does not attract dust and dirt
  • Saves watts. Very little effort is used to move your bike parts
  • 10 times higher lubricity than Teflon
  • Waterproof which will not wash off
  • Drive train stays clean, last longer, runs silent
  • Extremely durable, outlasts all other chain lubes in any condition
  • Tamely scented
  • Applied sparingly for the best results and increased value
  • Can be shipped around the world via air freight and ground
  • Dumonde Tech oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces
  • The formulation is a “liquid plastic” through polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces
  • Does not build up
  • Does not become sticky or gooey