Trek Precaliber 24, 8-Speed Suspension (2023) Voodoo Crystal White

SBC ID | MFG SKU - 210000062792 | 586621

Precaliber 24 8-Speed is a versatile kids' bike built for young adventurers who love riding off the pavement and into the dirt.

It has a sturdy yet light aluminum frame with a performance suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain perfect for racing home from school, zipping through the woods, and riding trails and paths with family.

With 24 inch wheels and 8-speeds, Precaliber is a great step toward full size bike size and performance.

It's a high-quality kids' bike from Trek that's comfortable, durable, and has trail-ready parts for the up-and-coming singletrack shredder.

Things to love

  1. This bike can get your youngster hooked on a lifetime hobby that's healthy, environmentally friendly, and fun.
  2. Intuitive twist shifting makes it easy for kids to switch gears when the terrain changes.
  3. You can replace the saddle's integrated handle with an integrated light mount to boost visibility.
  4. The frame is designed lower so it's easier for kids to stand over and hop on and off.
  5. Designed by people who really know bikes: Trek.

The Tech:

A strong, lightweight aluminum frame, a simple Shimano 8-speed drivetrain that's easy to handle. Suspension fork with 45mm of travel to absorb bumps. Kickstand, rear rack mounts, and a saddle with an integrated handle that can be swapped out for an integrated taillight mount.

Everything on this bike is built to last, so it'll still feel like new when handed down to younger siblings.

The final word:

This rugged, high-quality bike encourages fun and skill-building on the trail. It's perfect for kids who are getting into off-road riding, with a trail-smoothing front suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain.

Sizing & Fit: 

For kids ages 8-12, between 51-59˝ tall. But to assure the best fit, come on into Sunshine where we will get your child set up for the best size.