Service & Repair

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300,000+ repairs since 1971.

We have a vast base of hands-on expertise across a wide range of cycling styles, engineering and mechanical specs. But perhaps most importantly, we know how each bike should optimally feel, behave and perform for you.

Through our doors have rolled nearly every type of bicycle and component ever made. Decades of working knowledge and refined skills, plus constant training on the latest in bicycle technology, including:

  • All types of frames, components and accessories.
  • Every type of hydraulic and electronic brake, dropper and shifting system.
  • Suspension and shocks of all types and technologies.
  • All types of shifting and gearing including electronic, 1X, Eagle and more.
  • Power sensing and display technologies.
  • Wheels & wheel systems.
  • Lighting and electronic accessories.
  • Cargo and child carrying accessories.
  • Existing and emerging technology.
  • Familiarity with all riding styles.


We are a full service shop with the knowledge and equipment to capably handle any bicycle.

  • Basic or Deluxe Tune-Ups (details below)
  • Custom Builds & Rebuilds
  • Component Upgrades
  • Fork & Shock Overhaul & Tuning
  • Complete Brake Service
  • Wheel Building & Truing
  • “No Tubes” & Tubeless Setups
  • Dropper Post Installations
  • Frame Swaps
  • Classic Bicycle Restoration
  • Frame/Fork Straightening

A La Cart Services

  • Tire or Tube Install - $15
  • Install Chain - $20
  • Add Tire Sealant Front and Rear - $20
  • Tubeless Tire Install (including sealant) - $30
  • Bleed Brake Front or Rear - $45
  • Cargo Bike, Internal Geared Hub, Tire or Tube Install - $45
  • Safety Check - $60
  • Bike Boxed for Shipping - $130

Tune Ups

Complete Tune-Up
(most bikes)

  • Inspection & safety check
  • Basic cleaning
  • Lube chain & cables
  • Adjust derailleurs
  • Adjust brakes
  • True wheels
  • Adjust hub 
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust bottom bracket

Deluxe Tune-Up
(most bikes)

“Complete Tune Up” plus:

  • Complete drivetrain removal and deep clean
  • Derailleur cable and housing replacement
  • Brake cable replacement/hydraulic brake bleed

Mountain SDLX Tune-Up
(most bikes)

“Deluxe Tune Up” plus:

  • Suspension Fork & Shock 50hr Oil Service*
  • Grease Headset, Detailed Linkage Inspection*

*Service beyond 50hr may require factory service or additional costs.

*Linkage overhauls start at $80/hr.

*Ask about extras like hydraulic brake bleeding, fork or shock overhaul, and internal cable routing.

*All work subject to bike inspection and service approval

*E-bikes, Cargo & Tandems subject to $45 sur-charge

    eBike Repair & Service

    Bosch & Shimano Certified Technicians

    Members of our mechanical and tech staff attend annual manufacturer training and certification courses. They have received 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Technical Certifications from Bosch eBike Systems to allow us to offer the highest level of support on drive systems across all eBikes that use Bosch drive systems.


    We’ve seen it all and are obsessed with getting it right. Whether it’s maintenance, repairs or upgrades, we solidly handle all of your bicycling needs year in and year out.