Get to know the folks at the shop.

Get to know the folks at the shop.
In our nearly 50 years we've always had a dynamic and mostly homegrown crew. We thought it'd be nice to tell you a little more about each of us working hard right now to keep you cycling happy. Thanks for being part of the family!


Owns the shop and has been at Sunshine since 1978 when he began as a grom in high school.

Currently riding a Cannondale Neo 1 and Ibis Ripley 4.

At Sunshine I steer the ship and clean the bathrooms.

Favorite rides Sonoma county back roads, Trione state park and Mount Tam when I have time to drive to ride (live in Petaluma), the Healdsburg area, Geysers and Pine Flat. For mountain biking Downieville is the best for me!

Besides bikes I love spending time with my family and being at the coast.

People may not know I am also a bit of a motor head.

Indispensable piece of cycling gear definitely my helmet.

If I wasn't in the bike business I'd be... Why wouldn't I want to be in the bike business?



True family (Martin's), Justin joined Sunshine almost 10 years ago, and rides almost everywhere he goes.

Currently riding Ibis Ripmo V1 as the main off-road bike, steel Rondo gravel/road bike and a Cannondale e-bike mostly for commuting to town from the San Geronimo Valley.

At Sunshine I work as a mechanic, maintaining and repairing bikes to try and keep them trouble free and enjoyable on the road or trail. In a small and busy shop everyone has multiple roles so also sales, service writing and general customer service as well.

Favorite ride ever was trying to outrun a thunderstorm on the 401 Trail in Crested Butte. Maybe not "fun" per say but one of the most memorable.

Besides bikes I like... Music is probably the big one. Mostly listening to, but some guitar noodling here and there. Trying to read as much as possible these days too.

People might not know this about me... Probably a lot of things, not much of a talker. 

Wouldn't ride without good brakes! Also helmets are pretty important too.



Hunter's been with Sunshine over two years and has become our resident expert on Ibis.

People also call me: Hunt

Currently riding not a lot with two herniated discs and some pinched nerves... wishing I was on my Ibis Ripmo V2

At Sunshine I lead our sales and am the buyer for the shop.

Favorite ride ever is any day in the Sierra.

Besides bikes I'm cooking, hiking, hanging with my dog or some friends.

People might not know I grew up in Southern California

Indispensable cycling gear my Sunshine socks!

Favorite customer tip is any cold frothy beverage from Iron Springs.

If I wasn't in the bike business I'd still be doing something sports related.



Chris has been with the shop for over 20 years and is responsible for most of our wearable gear.

People also call me: Red

Currently riding my Cannondale F-Si, the perfect bike for the road burn to work in the morning and fire road exploration on the way home.

At Sunshine I find solutions, not problems!

Favorite ride ever would be Pine Flats en route to the Geysers with Martin way back when.

Besides bikes I enjoy good clean fun with plenty of coffee.

One indispensable piece of cycling gear for me is a single sided suspension fork. If not essential, certainly preferred.

When not in the bike business... My non-Sunshine days are spent in health and wellness at my chiropractic office.



Local legend and experienced mechanic who joined Sunshine a few years back.

People also call me: Davo!

Currently riding my Ibis Ripmo, 1990 Boulder Defiant, KTM350, some vintage motorcycles (yes that’s my old Honda parked out front). 

Riding places are mostly in Marin, Loma Alta is my home track, but do lots of riding in San Geronimo valley as well as Marinwood and an occasional trip to Anadel or Santa Cruz.

At Sunshine I do mostly repair work. I also help customers understand the mechanical working of their bikes, recommend components and gear that will enhance their rides and help improve their abilities.

Recommend trails to riders that aren’t familiar with local trails based on their abilities and experience level.

I’ve become the go to guy when it comes to frozen bolt removal!

Favorite ride ever is always the one I just did, until the next ride!

Besides bikes I love motorcycles, backpacking with my wife, camping with my wife and daughters, restoring and customizing vintage motorcycles. (Ed. note: he may have neglected to mention motorcycles).

People may not know I'm a big Formula 1 fan

Indispensable gear I can't ride without a multi tool!

If I wasn't in the bike business I'd be in the ground.



People also call me Tyler on the phone haha

Currently riding my new 2021 Trek Slash 9.8. You can always find me ripping it up in the valley.

Favorite bike Trek Madone

At Sunshine find me helping customers, checking product, selling bikes, arguing over music choices.

Favorite ride ever the Demo Forest in Aptos or the first time riding V******a.

Besides bikes I also enjoy music, caffeine and video games from time to time.

People may not know I actually own a drop bar bike.

One indispensable piece of cycling gear pit vipers so I can reach maximum speed at all times (Thanks Hunter!).

If I wasn't in the bike business I'd be at Harvard studying chemical engineering and astrophysics.



Currently riding Trek Slash, S-Works Epic, and a Scott Foil all over the trails and roads of Marin County

At Sunshine find me fixing, building, and selling bikes and accessories

Favorite ride ever the Makawao trail system on Maui.

Besides bikes I also enjoy chipotle, candy and backpacking.

One indispensable piece of cycling gear my Aftershox Aeropex headphones.



Currently riding all over Marin, primarily Tamarancho and to get donuts

At Sunshine find me helping customers, working on bikes, cleaning up around the shop.

Favorite ride ever was the last ride I went on.

Besides bikes I also enjoy bodysurfing, playing guitar and skiing.

One indispensable piece of cycling gear my reflective triangle.



How many bikes do you own? 4!

Currently riding a lot on Loma Alta and also in San Geronimo valley. I also enjoy riding the tamarancho flow trail.

At Sunshine find me helping customers, stocking product, cleaning up around the shop, and any odd jobs that need to be done.

Favorite ride ever was the ride I did from my house to Fort Cronkhite, I brought my wetsuit and did some body surfing at Cronkhite Beach when we arrived. I also enjoy riding in Tahoe and Downieville.

Besides bikes I also enjoy surfing and photography.

Something people might not know about me I want to live in a van for at least some of my life.

One indispensable piece of cycling gear a helmet (obviously) and my glasses.

If I wasn't in the bike business I'd be in the surfing business.



Currently riding a Specialized Enduro. I ride all the local trails in Marin, Tahoe, Pacifica and Santa Cruz.

At Sunshine find me wrenching on bikes, stoking people out, making dreams come true.

Favorite ride ever Every ride is my favorite, always happy to get on a bike.

Besides bikes I also like surfing, snowboarding, basically anything outdoors, spending time with my wife and dog.

Something people might not know about me I've never owned a road bike.

One indispensable piece of cycling gear is my helmet.

If I wasn't in the bike business I'd probably be in another sports business.